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Plot principal component loadings


Plot principal component loadings.


plotld(x, npc=3, main="Loadings", lty=1, lwd=4 / 1:npc,
    col=gray(0:(npc-1) / npc), ylim=range(loadings), abs.=FALSE,
    cex=.8, ylab=if(abs.) "abs(loading)" else "loading",
    legend.x=NULL, legend.y=NULL)


x A matrix or dataframe, passed directly to princomp.
npc Number of principal components to plot. Default 3.
main Plot title. Default "Loadings".
lty Line type for for plotted lines. Default 1.
lwd Line width of plotted lines. The default is ugly but effective: 4 / 1:npc.
col Color of plotted lines. Default is a range of grays: gray(0:(npc-1) / npc).
ylim Vertical limits of the graph. Default range(loadings).
abs. Use absolute values of loadings. Default FALSE.
cex Character expansion for axis and legend text. Default .8.
ylab Default "loading".
legend.x, legend.y Position of the legend. Default NULL, meaning automatic. For no legend, use an out-of-range legend.x or legend.y.

See Also

princomp, plotpc


x <- iris[, -5] # -5 to drop Species

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